The King is here

Exotic Mangoes

Often referred to as the ‘King of Fruits’, is not just a fruit but a bundle of joy. Our 100% certified organic mangoes are carbide free, free from harmful chemicals and naturally ripened. Mango is a juicy, nutrition-rich stone fruit with exclusive fragrance, flavour, varieties, and health-enhancing benefits. You can..

Why MIHAR Mango?

Carbide AND Chemical Free

Hails from The Heart of Mihar

Low Moisture Content AND Fiber

It Peels Like A Banana

The Impeccable Aroma

Strictly Ethical

How to Identify Original Mihar Mango?

Ripened Mango

  • These mangoes show uniformly yellow colour.
  • Look & feel hard. They aren’t ripened, its a biochemical reaction.
  • Hard on your nose when you smell it. Non aromatic smell.
  • Wrinkled, yet green, means they were harvested immature.

Mihar Mango

  • This Mangoes show gradients in yellows & green color.
  • Look and feel soft if they are naturally ripened in grass hay.
  • The sweet, strong fragrance of Mango noticable from distance.
  • Should not show wrinkles. If they are over ripe, they show wrinkles.

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