WE ARE Mihar.

Mihar started as a brand in India in 2018. Our founders wanted to create an egg and chicken meat company focused on animal welfare and environmental sustainability. They believed that by treating animals rightly, for both hens and humans benefit and we are proud to maintain those founding values. As consumers, we were tired of misled by companies who used catchy green washed labeling but didn’t practice what they preached. We discovered that many companies market their chickens as “free range” even though they rarely go outside, or “antibiotic-free” despite their poultry being riddled with antibiotics. We wanted to trust that the chicken we consume has been raised with quality sustainability and focus on the welfare of the birds, Hence, to ensure the same we thought the best way is to raise our own chickens!

Real tasty,Real Healthy

Our commitment to pastured goes well beyond the standard. We strive to provide you with the highest quality pastured eggs. That’s why we control every step of the process. It all starts with our feed

To raise the best chickens,

They must spend time outside, under skies.


Dust Bathing




Our Products

Pasture Raised

Pasture Raised
Chicken Meat



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